The development of AI technology over the past few years has greatly increased job opportunities in this field. The market for AI jobs and employment is anticipated to grow significantly in the near future, extensively encompassing more industry verticals.

The ability to manage complex, challenging tasks is likely to soon soar, according to many experts across industries, with such widespread acceptance of artificial intelligence tools and technologies. This will definitely increase the value of employable skill sets and develop employment aptitudes in future workers.

But… A report from Semrush says that…

A lot of people who work think that computers could take their jobs soon. 38% think this might happen by the year 2023. 13% think that some jobs in their area might disappear because of computers.

However, the good thing is that…

Even though people have said bad things about it,

By 2025, it is expected that AI will make around 97 million jobs.

Thinking about changing jobs?

Sure. By 2030, 375 million people will need to change their careers because of AI technology. This will happen all over the world.

The report says that AI might take away about 800 million jobs in the next seven years. That could mean that 30% of people won’t have jobs anymore.

The Generative AI & Its Market Size

Generative AI is a new technology that is becoming popular on the internet. It will become even more popular in the future. In the future, the Global Generative AI Market is expected to become worth $110.8 billion by 2030. The amount of growth between 2022 and 2030 is predicted to be 34.3% each year on average.

But is AI adoption increasing?

Yes, more and more people are using artificial intelligence, according to a survey by IBM. Chinese and Indian companies have adopted AI the most, with a high level of almost 60%, when compared to other companies in different countries.

The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and others had lower levels of AI adoption compared to the country at the top of the list. The USA had the lowest adoption rate on the list at 25%.

Will AI systems be the future?

We are seeing how AI systems will be used in the future. Accenture is a big company that works with computers. They have a new way to check if their computers are working well. It’s called “Teach and Test”. They will use it to make sure their computers are good.

This new service can help companies save time and use better tools to make important decisions about their automated operations.

This is an amazing idea for how to handle robots in the future and it will change our world a lot.

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